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Little Boy & Girl Matching Outfit Ideas

Whether you have twins or a boy and girl who are close in age, nothing is cuter than little boy and girl matching outfits. Dressing them in matching attire looks great for special occasions and makes for the perfect Insta photo! 

Match patterns for a co-ordinated look

One way to get little boy and girl matching outfits — while still ensuring the outfits suit each child — is to match patterns. For example, your little girl can wear a dress in a certain print, and your little boy could wear a shirt or shorts in the same fabric. This is a subtler way of mastering the matching outfit look.

Colour blocking makes matching a simple task 

Matching colours can be an excellent way to match your boy and girl outfits. You simply need to find pieces that are the same colour but in a style that suits your child. Baby blues and other pastel colours can work well, or you could stick to neutral tones that suit boys and girls.

Opt for unisex clothing

If you’re shopping for little boy and girl matching outfits, unisex sets will work well. Some unisex items that are easy to match for girls and boys include:

  • Denim shorts
  • Dungarees and rompers
  • Leggings
  • Tracksuits
  • Tees

Any of these items are easy to mix and match for day to day looks.

Think of the practicalities of their clothes

While it’s cute to dress your kids in the same clothing, it’s important to think about the practical aspects too. Children need to be dressed correctly for the season and the temperature outside, whether that means light clothing for hot summer days or cold weather outfits that will keep them cosy and warm. 

It’s also important to think about wear and tear, especially during playtime. Even if you’re looking for special occasion clothes, kids are going to run around, skid on their knees, and get grubby. These clothes will need to be hardwearing and easy to wash, as well as being cute. Fashion Playground creates practical garments that are designed for even the most active kids to wear and enjoy.

Comfort is a significant factor too. There’s no point putting them in cute matching outfits that they then tear off because they’re uncomfortable. If you want your kids to wear their outfits all day, make sure they’re designed for comfort.

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